What is CTF Challenges ?

Capture the flag is a web-based application that allows you to start learning the basics of cyber literacy. Here we have a collection of activities that you can interact with, whether it's a familiar game written by one of our high school contributors or a security challenge written by some of our more experienced developers, we invite you to interact with our application and any feedback is welcome. This is a Learning platform, so if you don't succeed at first, keep trying! No one has ever accomplished anything great by just giving up.


Cryptography can be divided into classical and modern Cryptography. Classical Cryptography focus on confidential writing and transmission of information as well as the corresponding deciphering methods. Modern Cryptography is not only focusing on information confidentiality, but also involves information integrity verification, non-repudiation of information publication, and all information security issues generated by internal and external attacks in distributed computing. The differen[...]

Modern Cryptography

Modern cryptography is one of the most important aspect of computer and communications security. It is based on mainly mathematics concepts like number theory, computational-complexity theory and probability. Unlike classical cryptography which manipulates traditional characters, modern cryptography operates on binary bit-string. It could also be proven, under given assumption, to be computationally secure. The primary goals that modern cryptography is trying to achieve are: Confi[...]